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Selling lead - Ferro-Nickel ingots Ferro-Nickel ingots No Trustpass Business member
Ferro-nickel ingot
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Description: The weight of ingots randes from 5kg min to 1.2 tonnes max. A convenient we...
Volume: from 20 to 250 MT per month to be delivered from
Idea of a price: 93% LME/t (Ni) +1350$/t (Cr) + 220$/t (Fe)
Delivery terms: FOB St Petersburg or Rotterdam; FCA Moscow or St Petersburg
Payment terms: Irrevocable and confirmed L/C
Liteiniye Zavodi (buy: 0 & sell: 4)

Selling lead - High & low pressure casting of non-ferrous alloys High & low pressure casting of non-ferrous alloys
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158. Buying lead - Steel Re inforcing bar construction grade Steel Re inforcing bar construction grade No Trustpass
159. Selling lead - Hydraulic cone crusher Hydraulic cone crusher No Trustpass
160. Buying lead - HMS 1&2 HMS 1&2 No Trustpass

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