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Aluminium Alloy Sections in Russia  Aluminium alloy sections in Russia
Aluminium Scrap and the Scrap-Based Products Market Research in Russia  Aluminium scrap in Russia
Steel and Rolled Steel in Russia  Steel and rolled steel in Russia
Stainless sheet market research in Russia  Stainless sheet market in Russia
Rebar Market Research in Russia  Rebar market in Russia
Limestone and Lime market research in Russia  Limestone and lime market in Russia
Flat Cars Market Research in CIS  Flat cars market in CIS
Ferrochrome market research in the CIS  Ferrochrome market in CIS

Sag Sag
Salt Bath Salt Bath
Salt Spray Test Salt Spray Test
Saltpeter Saltpeter
Sand Slinger Sand Slinger
Sand Tempering Sand Tempering
Sandstone Sandstone
Scab Scab
Scab (scabby) Scab (scabby)
Scale Scale
Scale(2) Scale(2)
Scaleless Blue Scaleless Blue
Scaling Scaling
Scaling(2) Scaling(2)
Scallop Scallop
Scalped Extrusion Ingot Scalped Extrusion Ingot
Scalping Scalping
Scarf Joint Scarf Joint
Scarfing Scarfing
Scleroscope Hardness (Test) Scleroscope Hardness (Test)
Scleroscope Test Scleroscope Test
Scoping Study Scoping Study
Scrap Scrap
Scrap (Ferrous) Scrap (Ferrous)
Scrap Substitute Scrap Substitute
Scrap(2) Scrap(2)
Scratch Brushed Finish Scratch Brushed Finish
Screw (Incline Plane) Screw (Incline Plane)
Seal weld Seal weld
Sealing run Sealing run
Seam Seam
Seam (A defect.) Seam (A defect.)
Seam Annealing Seam Annealing
Seam Welding Seam Welding
Seaming Seaming
Seamless Pipe Seamless Pipe
Secondary   Hardness Secondary Hardness
Secondary Hardening Secondary Hardening
Secondary Metal Secondary Metal
Secondary Steel Secondary Steel
Seconds Seconds
Section shape Section shape
Section width Section width
Sediment Sediment
Segment Steel Segment Steel
Segregation Segregation
Segregation Banding Segregation Banding
Segregation(2) Segregation(2)
Selenium Selenium
Self Diffusion Self Diffusion
Self-Hardening Steel Self-Hardening Steel
Cast iron (not steel) of high quality, obtained by using a large percentage of steel scrap with the pig iron.
Semifinished Steel Semifinished Steel
Semikilled Steel Semikilled Steel
Semis Semis
Sendzimir Mill Sendzimir Mill
Sendzimir Mill (2) Sendzimir Mill (2)
Settlement Price Settlement Price
SG Iron SG Iron
Shako-Out Shako-Out
Shale Shale
Shape Correcting Shape Correcting
Shear Shear
Shear Bands (deformation) Shear Bands (deformation)
Shear Crack Shear Crack
Shear Steel Shear Steel
Shear Strength Shear Strength
Shear(2) Shear(2)
Shearing Shearing
Shearing Test Shearing Test
Sheet Sheet
Sheet Steel Sheet Steel
Shell Core Process Shell Core Process
Shell Molding Shell Molding
Sherardizing Sherardizing
Shielded-Arc Welding Shielded-Arc Welding
Shim Shim
Shore Hardness Test Shore Hardness Test
Shore Scleroscope Shore Scleroscope
Short Short
Short Terne Short Terne
Shortness Shortness
Shot Blasting Shot Blasting
Shot peening Shot peening
Shredded Scrap Shredded Scrap
Shrink Hole Shrink Hole
Shrinkage Shrinkage
Shrinkage Cavity Shrinkage Cavity
Shrinkage Defect Shrinkage Defect
Shrinkage groove Shrinkage groove
Side bend test Side bend test
Side Trimming Side Trimming
Sigma Phase Sigma Phase
Silal Silal
Silicified Silicified
Silicon Silicon
Silicon Electrical Steel Silicon Electrical Steel
Silicon Steel Silicon Steel
Siliconizing Siliconizing
Silky Fracture Silky Fracture
Silver Solders Silver Solders
Single-Action Press Single-Action Press
Single-duty machine Single-duty machine
Sinker Steel Sinker Steel
Sinkhead Sinkhead
Sinkhead or Hot Top Sinkhead or Hot Top
Sinter Sinter
Sintered Carbide Sintered Carbide
Sintering Sintering
Sintering(2) Sintering(2)
Skeleton Pattern Skeleton Pattern
Skelp Skelp
Skelp(2) Skelp(2)
Skin Skin
Skin Pass Rolling Skin Pass Rolling
Skin Passing Skin Passing
Skip sequence Skip sequence
Skull Skull
Slab Slab
Slack Quenching Slack Quenching
Slag Slag
Slag(2) Slag(2)
Slag-trap Slag-trap
Slip Slip
Slip Direction Slip Direction
Slip Flask Slip Flask
Slip Line Slip Line
Slip Plane Slip Plane
Slit Slit
Slit Edges Slit Edges
Slitter Slitter
Slitting Slitting
Sliver (defect) Sliver (defect)
Slot lap joint Slot lap joint
Slurry Slurry
Smelter Smelter
Snag Snag
Snap Flask Snap Flask
Soaking Soaking
Soft Skin Rolled Temper (No. 4 Temper) Soft Skin Rolled Temper (No. 4 Temper)
Solder Embrittlement Solder Embrittlement
Soldering Soldering
Solid Solution Solid Solution
Solidification Shrinkage Solidification Shrinkage
Solidus Solidus
Solute Solute
Solution Heat Treatment Solution Heat Treatment
Solution Heat Treatment(2) Solution Heat Treatment(2)
Solution Heat Treatment(3) Solution Heat Treatment(3)
Solvent Solvent
Solvus Solvus
Sorbite Sorbite
Sorbite (obsolete) Sorbite (obsolete)
Sorbitic Pearlite Sorbitic Pearlite
Space Lattice (crystal) Space Lattice (crystal)
Space-Centered (concerning space lattices) Space-Centered (concerning space lattices)
SpaDing SpaDing
Spalling Spalling
Spangle Spangle
Special Bar Quality (SBQ) Special Bar Quality (SBQ)
Specialty Steel Specialty Steel
Specialty Tube Specialty Tube
Specific Gravity Specific Gravity
Spectograph Spectograph
Spectograph (X-rays) Spectograph (X-rays)
Spelter (Prime Western Spelter) Spelter (Prime Western Spelter)
Speroidizing Speroidizing
Speroidizing Annealing Speroidizing Annealing
Sphalerite Sphalerite
Spherodized Structure Spherodized Structure
Spherodizing Spherodizing
Spherodizing Annealing Spherodizing Annealing
Spheroidized Structure Spheroidized Structure
Spheroidizing Spheroidizing
Spheroidizing(2) Spheroidizing(2)
Spiegel Spiegel
Spinning Spinning
Spinning(2) Spinning(2)
Spnue Button Spnue Button
Spot Market Spot Market
Spot Welding Spot Welding
Spot Welding(2) Spot Welding(2)
Spray transfer Spray transfer
Spread Spread
Spring Steel Spring Steel
Spring Steel Strip Spring Steel Strip
Spring Temper Spring Temper
Spring-Back Spring-Back
Springback Springback
Sprue Sprue
Stabilisation Stabilisation
Stabilizing Anneal Stabilizing Anneal
Stabilizing Treatment Stabilizing Treatment
Stablizing Treatment(2) Stablizing Treatment(2)
Stack cutting Stack cutting
Stack Molding Stack Molding
Staggered intermittent weld Staggered intermittent weld
Stain Finish Stain Finish
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel(2) Stainless Steel(2)
Stainless Steel(3) Stainless Steel(3)
Stamping Stamping
Standard Gold Standard Gold
Station configuration Station configuration
Statistical Process Control (SPC) Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Steam Blued Steam Blued
Steckel Mill Steckel Mill
Steel Steel
Steel Intensity Steel Intensity
Steel Strapping Steel Strapping
Steel(2) Steel(2)
Steel(3) Steel(3)
Steel-Intensive Products Steel-Intensive Products
Sterling Silver Sterling Silver
Sticker Sticker
Stockist Stockist
Straight-Chrome Straight-Chrome
Strain Strain
Strain Ageing(2) Strain Ageing(2)
Strain Aging Strain Aging
Strain Hardening Strain Hardening
Strain Hardening(2) Strain Hardening(2)
Strain(2) Strain(2)
Strain(3) Strain(3)
Strainer Core Strainer Core
Stratigraphy Stratigraphy
Strength Strength
Stress Stress
Stress Relief Stress Relief
Stress Relieving Stress Relieving
Stress Relieving(2) Stress Relieving(2)
Stress Strain Curve Stress Strain Curve
Stress(2) Stress(2)
Stress(3) Stress(3)
Stress-corrosion Cracking Stress-corrosion Cracking
Stress-Cracking Stress-Cracking
Stress-Rupture Stress-Rupture
Stress-Rupture Test Stress-Rupture Test
Stretch Forming Stretch Forming
Stretcher Leveling Stretcher Leveling
Stretcher Straightening Stretcher Straightening
Stretcher Strain Markings Stretcher Strain Markings
Stretcher Straining Stretcher Straining
Stretcher Strains Stretcher Strains
Stretcher Strains(2) Stretcher Strains(2)
Strike Strike
Strike-off or Strickel Strike-off or Strickel
Striking voltage Striking voltage
Strip Strip
Strip Steel (cold rolled) Strip Steel (cold rolled)
Structural steel Structural steel
Structural Steel Sheet Structural Steel Sheet
Structurals Structurals
Structure Structure
Sub-boundary Structure (subgrain structure) Sub-boundary Structure (subgrain structure)
Sub-Critical Annealing(2) Sub-Critical Annealing(2)
Sub-zero Treatment Sub-zero Treatment
Subcritical Annealing Subcritical Annealing
Subgrain Subgrain
Submerged-arc welding Submerged-arc welding
Substitutional Solid Solution Substitutional Solid Solution
Substrate Substrate
Sulfidation Sulfidation
Sulfide Spheroidization Sulfide Spheroidization
Sulfide Stress Cracking Sulfide Stress Cracking
Sulfur Sulfur
Sulfur Print Sulfur Print
Sulphur(2) Sulphur(2)
Superalloy Superalloy
Supercooling Supercooling
Superficial Rockwell Hardness Test Superficial Rockwell Hardness Test
Superheating Superheating
Surface Finish Surface Finish
Surface Hardening Surface Hardening
Surface-fusion welding Surface-fusion welding
Sustained backfire Sustained backfire
Swaging Swaging
Swarf Swarf
Sweep (also known as Curve) Sweep (also known as Curve)
Swirl Gate Swirl Gate

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Selling lead - Ni-resist cast iron Ni-resist cast iron No Trustpass

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